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Volunteer for

Children’s Ministry


     We have many service opportunities including, but not limited to:

  • Curriculum Team (help assemble curriculum each week we will meet 1x weekly in the children’s ministry office)

  • Small Group Leaders (work directly with children of a specific age group

  • Kids Club Leaders (Wednesday from 5-7pm)

  • Kids Club/Choir Nursery (Wednesday from 5-8pm)

  • Floaters (Willing to be flexible and be placed wherever needed)

  • Check-in (help with check in at the front of sanctuary at beginning of service kind of like a greeter but for kids)

  • Volunteer from home (opportunities to cut, create, send cards all from at home)

  • Office Work (opportunities to help with printing, paperwork, sending emails, writing cards, and calling families.)

  • Missions Team (help identify and organize service opportunities for Children's Ministry such as Operations Christmas, blessing bags, Kiwanis)

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